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Inspiration for bikeface

photo of Billie Samuels 1934

Billie Samuels - cyclist - inspiration

On 5 July 1934, Billie Samuels set off to attack the women's record for cycling the distance from Sydney to Melbourne. Billie actually rode from Melbourne to Sydney and achieved it in 3 days, 17 hours and 2 minutes. Samuels was ten hours shy of Elsa Barbour’s Sydney Melbourne record, but the first woman to begin her attempt from Melbourne.
Billie wore a Malvern Star jersey and rode a Malvern Star bicycle with three speed Cyclo gears. A stuffed toy koala was strapped to her handlebars.
[Photo kindly reproduced by permission from the State Library of New South Wales, Mitchell Library, Home and Away, 4235.]

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