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reasons to love bikeface

There is no doubt that exercise works wonders for our bodies, helping us all to look and feel our very best. But the constant post-gym showers, the chlorine from swimming pools, the constant shaving of legs, the rainwater from wet commutes and the harsh wind on a brisk morning run can really take its toll on your skin.

We have the answer, bikeface, our original and unique 'superfit skin everyday balm' is a completely natural product formulated with you in mind. It can keep up with you, wherever the day takes you.

Originally developed for triathletes who exercise frequently and shower a lot. The harsh conditions can be tough on skin, and we wanted to create one simple solution. Those triathletes went onto become paddle boarders, yoga lovers, ballet dancers, fell runners, mountain bikers and rock climbers, so bikeface evolved and went on the adventure with them.

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